Imran Dean

Investment Associate at DC Thomson Ventures

I made a transition from a Fixed Income Analyst to an Investment Associate in Corporate Venture Capital. VC Academy posts and courses have added an immense amount of knowledge in weeks. Thank you for providing so much value.

Elizabeth Abubakar

VC Attorney

The articles and information on private equity and venture capital which I've been learning from the VC Academy have been really enlightening and helpful. I share them with other VC and PE legal practitioners like me. I applaud you and the team for your efforts. 

Ruslan Yusufov

Director, Private Client Services, Group-IB

VC Academy provides the most essential and valuable information on venture investing, modern trends and latest developments in the startup industry. It makes a meaningful contribution towards the success of its readers. 

Chinmaya Bhasin


The content is amazing and quite insightful for someone like me who wishes to develop his career in finance. Thanks!

Vibhuti Batra

Business Analyst

Really liked your simple and crisp approach in explaining complex subjects. You're doing an amazing job!

Junaid A

Securities, HSBC

It is a great initiative and I am quite impressed by it. What you are doing will absolutely create a powerful impact in the VC space.